Live looping, foley art, plant music magic 

Electric violin at its’ core, a moment to pause and breathe, this is music for the soul, and food for the spirit.  Sophie has spent the past years writing, recording, and performing, throughout Australia and Europe.  The music is as tangible as the story behind it. 

Telling tales of love, loss, hopes, dreams, not one show is the same.  Whilst the lyrics describe deep intense moments that we perhaps have all experienced, the music is the perfect vehicle to take the listener on a journey of sound, softening all moments to lead the listener into clarity, of which they can breath, perhaps even have a moment of space.  This music is original with a dash of Scarborough fair and nursery rhyme magic thrown into the mix.  Sophie, a travelling troubadour telling the stories of people she meets as she tours.  Based in Australia for the past few years, performing yoga sound immersive events, rainforest shows, local festivals and markets, she also has had a solid background of touring Europe since 2012, and restarted Europe shows in 2023, which included a Tailor Birds appearance at Glastonbury.

Festival appearances through the years, have included Australia's FRL, and St Albans folk festival, Holland's Taribush Kuna, Landjuweel, Arts Carnivale, Magneet, and Castlefest, Ireland's Boyle Arts fest and Vantastival, and Chilled in the Field (UK).  Most notably, Tailor Birds did a solo performance with 3 appearances at Glastonbury in 2023.  With a solid 7 plus years of European summer touring behind us since 2012, there's a whole raft of new music to come.

The new album Salt is set for release this coming year, alongside a new sound app in the works,  and some plant music magic.  You can follow Tailor Birds on our journey via our socials - currently Instagram and Facebook, plus we have a mailout that goes out 3 times a month, plus a whole raft of other goodies.  Feel free to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.


I'm re-editing this section at the moment, to include photos and text etc.   It's coming soon, so stay tuned...but here's a bit of info on our musicians.  My musicians are from across the globe who jump up and join me at festivals, gigs, and on our recordings.  They all are active in their own individual music scenes too.  These include :

Steven Grant - piano / horns
Daniel Brates - drums
Rodger and Charlie Bradshaw - drums / vocals

Jerome d'Odeurs - piano
Daan - bass
Cato Fluitsma - accordian / vocals

Paya LeHane - flutes
Pete Warner - drums
Jos Murray - horns
Bob Glynn - drums