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Dream folk goodness, electric violin at its’ core, described as mesmerising, and a moment to pause and breath, this is music for the soul, and food for the spirit.  We’ve spent the past years writing, recording, performing, throughout Australia and Europe.

Sophie, the creator & force behind Tailor Birds, is currently finishing up the new album, as well as releasing the new Stilts on the Water animation.  Always looking to push the boundaries, this music certainly does not fit into a box, but instead is there to invigorate and energise.  Building an audience that is diverse as much as it is one, the music is as tangible as the story behind it.

Inspired by the people she meets,& the stories she hears whilst on the road, this music is about the hopes & dreams of us all.

“Being a band is not the thing I think about, as bands come and go.  But the thing that sticks, is the music, the energy, the passion, and most importantly the artistry.  Baring your soul.”

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    Other work we do

    Plant music

    Over the past few years, we’ve worked with plant music, as the back drop of sound for our live performances and recordings.  Using the amazing plant-wave, this contraption reads the energy of any living being connected to it, and turns it into music.  More info can be found in the midi-sprout section of this website, as well as on our social media.

    Calming videos

    Having toured through some amazing places in Australia, these calming videos are the perfect moments to relax and gain some peace.  More of these videos are featured on our Youtube channel.

    Our van conversion

    Presenting Hatch, our Toyota Hiace Commuter, Sophie’s mobile home for Australia, which she built herself, you can even see the full conversion from basic van to her home. This conversion has had over 2 million views on Youtube, quite amazing.

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