Stunning, mesmerizing, vibrant, sound immersive

5 string electric violin magic - multi-faceted, delving into sounds cover multi-frequencies, some say the music is tuned into 432HZ. The music is inspired by the people I meet, the stories I hear, it's about the hopes and dreams of us all.

"Being a band is not the thing I think about, as bands come and go.  But the thing that sticks, is the music, the energy, the passion, and most importantly the artistry.  Baring your soul I guess."

Founded in 2012.  With tours through Europe from 2014 onwards, I've done a run of shows from VIC all the way up to far north Queensland, performing both solo, and having collaborated with numerous musicians around the globe, dependent on where the shows are, and what kind of show it is.  The music is experimental, but on the edge of mainstream, telling tales of love, loss, hopes, and dreams.  From sunrise concerts to experimental circus shows, this is the sound to follow if you're looking for something that little bit special, that little bit different.


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Some of the things we do


Vibrant, dreamy, original music

Electric violin at its' core, Sophie, the creator of Tailor Birds, writes, records, and produces original music, bringing together a core group of musicians from across the globe, for recording and live performances.

Music to dream to, to ponder and to take a moment of time, one guy said "the sound reminded him of a video game that wasn't out yet".  The new album 'Salt' will be out in 2024, & is now available as a pre-order.

Oooooh and Tailor Birds has no big label, management or publishing company behind the music, we're currently totally independent, and do this all ourselves, one email, one phone call at a time.  Sophie however, is always on the hunt for people to help spread the Tailor Birds word.


Electrical currents of plants converted into music

The Plant Wave is a box that converts the electrical currents of all plants, food, humans, even buildings, into music.  Over the past 4 years or so, I have been working with the Plant Wave, and this is used to create the backdrop of the Tailor Birds sound, but also as individual videos and research projects.

If you'd like to hear what your building or favourite tree sounds like, or perhaps you want us to record the sounds, please get in touch.


A gorgeous animation to dream to

Stilts on the Water, a lullaby to fall asleep to, was originally created as a concept record.  A bridge between the old and the new, an audio visual release, this is a stunner, available as a dvd and a digital download.

‘Stilts on the Water’ follows the dreamer, the one who unites all.  Bringing together music and art, we're drawn into an alternate world, one that lifts us up, that energises and thrills.  We follow the dreamer as we see his imaginings unfold as the paintings slowly envelop his and our worlds.

If you're having trouble sleeping, want a calming backdrop to your day, dealing with any form of anxiety, or perhaps you're looking for something new to watch, THIS IS FOR YOU.