How did that happen, with xmas just round the corner, the year is nearly up!!  In any case, since the release of our new single, Winters’ Fall, we’ve had some lush radio airplay in support of this.  We’re now looking forward to a little bit of downtime, getting ready for the year ahead.

And so as the new year gets closer, we’ve set up a page for anyone who wants to be a part of our T Birds road team, plus a bit of a drawing comp, the Violin Art Competition.  We send you free merch, discounted music, and various other goodies, and your help, spreading the word, directly enables Tailor Birds to grow.  You can check it out here :

And as it’s the end of the year, we wanted to share on this page, our video from last summers’ tour :

And so til next time, which will likely be in the new year, look after yourselves, and stay safe, Sophie  xx


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