It’s Monday afternoon, and i’m sitting in a little chalet up a mountain in Switzerland, in a beautiful town, Château-d’Oex, close to Montreux.  I’ve now spent nearly 2 months in Europe, touring the new single ‘Winters’ Fall’ and showcasing a lot of the new tracks which will be off the upcoming 2nd album.  I wanted to try them out, see what response we got.
Overall, things have been positive, and instead of performing in one town / country, and quickly moving onto the next, we’ve made a couple changes for this current tour :

1/ We’ve spent more time in each place so that we could increase our publicity and presence, and develop relationships with various bookers, venues, and publicity.
2/ Instead of bringing a full band, I’ve performed the tour completely solo – with live looping, foley art, harmonized vocals, and a playful edge to the overall sound.  Our fans have been able to see the songs created on the spot, as if magically appear, settling into and become immersed within the Tailor Birds sound.  This has also allowed us to bring in guest artists to perform literally on the spot…..including Dutch act, the Bucket Boyz, UK based electric violinist, Roberto Savaggio, and lithuanian bubble blower, Rytis Urbakavicius, amongst others.

And so we’ve mainly been touring through 2 countries that have really responded to the Tailor Birds sound with amazing energy, both with their unique qualities :
Holland – 2 festivals – Taribush Kuna and Landjuweel, plus some smaller shows, plus recording of the 2nd Tailor Birds album!!
Ireland – a run of 5 shows in Kenmare, Limerick, and Dublin, plus various promotional busking slots in Cork, Killarney, Dingle, Tralee, and Dublin – with the wonderful Irish spirit, it’s been an honour to tour this wonderful country.

We’ve also been through London, UK on the way to Switzerland.  And with a couple shows in Switzerland, before we head back to the UK and then Holland, we’re currently making up our 6th road diary.
But for now, here is tour diary #3, which features the wonderful Taribush Kuna festival, and follows on from #2 in our last post!!  Enjoy!!


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