I arrived in Amsterdam a few weeks ago, and all is well.  We’ve begun recording more of the 2nd album, starting with two of the more recent tracks I’ve written, ‘Dancing in the Midday Sun’ and ‘Candied Lady Love’.  With some lush electronics slotted in, I cannot wait for the finished product.

Last weekend we headed to the Taribush Kuna festival in Dwingeloo, in the Dutch province of Drenthe.  A beautiful festival, we were looking forward to returning again this year.  We made some new friends – fire breathers/forest cleaners, the Greenthingz, and Basque country musicians (Tristan Crowley and his band).

It’s amazing the wonderful people you meet along the road, and I feel quite blessed these days.  At the festival, we ran some daily workshops (Silver Beat Recordings) where anyone could come and record their own voice, bubbling water, paper sounds, little games etc., and take home with them.  And of course we did a Tailor Birds show on Saturday night.  Fun fun fun!!

Now back in Amsterdam, I played a little central Amsterdam show at a student cafe Skek, last night, and looking forward to a show at ADM in Amsterdam, that we just got booked for, this Sunday 19th July….we played there a couple years back, it’s one of the last large live/work communities of the city of Amsterdam – theater-makers and stage-builders, inventors and technicians, dancers and musicians…..

And finally, we’re putting together some touring video footage.  I’ll be posting a variety of performance and tour videos along the way,  but also some short specific on the road, tour diaries.  And here is no. 1!!




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