It’s been a couple months since our last post, and so we figured it’s time to update you all, including the release of the NEW SINGLE, Winters’ Fall.
I’m now back in Melbourne, sorting various bits before the new year hits – upcoming Australian tours, recording, some little competitions we’ll be running etc.

And looking back over the past few months, We had a successful 3rd European tour, performing through Holland, Switzerland, UK, and Ireland. Focusing on the places we have the most impact, we took over the new single, Winters’ Fall. From July – Sept ’15, with over 20 shows incl. Landjuweel, Taribush Kuna, a run of promo work, a refugee fundraiser, we also recorded part of the 2nd album, and sold out of albums whilst on the road.

And so now back, we’re hard at work, finishing off this 2nd album, which is set to be a beautiful link between our more softer acoustic tracks, through to the heavier, more electronic tunes. An album that will span continents in terms of recording and artists involved, we cannot wait to release this beauty. And alongside that, of course comes all the publicity, an Australian tour, another Europe tour, video work etc.

But before this next album gets released, the EXCITING NEWS is that Winters’ Fall, off the forthcoming 2nd album, is now finally released in Australia. Never one for doing things in the most normal of trajectories, Tailor Birds came into being, over in Holland, but we are now back in Melbourne, and the single can be heard on all online mediums, Spotify, Itunes, Amazon etc.

You can buy the single on this website, but you can also hear and buy the single at

And as for the beautiful the artwork by David Holland, here you go :
Edited winters_fall_front_cover








And so for now, look after yourselves…we’ve got more news coming before xmas, so stay tuned!! Sophie xx


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