What a period its’ been since we last posted some news in early April.  If you don’t follow our social media – facebook and instagram, you may not know the news……just over 6 weeks ago, over the Easter weekend period, I was playing at the Bluesfest busking competition.  42 acts were selected, including the Tailor Birds……and that night, after I played the semi-finals, I went to park our van, and had a bit of an accident.  I broke my ankle.  A visit to the hospital confirmed this, we had a tri malleolar fracture.  It’s been quite an intense period, and so it’s definitely been a time of recovery and figuring out how to move forward.  So now that our news has been laid out, we can fill you in on the backstory, and how this period has gone.

When such an accident happens, everything changes, and your mind, body and spirit has to find a way to make it through, out the other side.  An accident happens in a split second, something you can never predict.  It was mid february, and I had started touring full time.  In just 2 months, I’d played over 30 shows, and the van conversion was one of the best things I could have done.  April rolled in, Easter was coming, and I was heading to Byron Bay to play the Bluesfest busking comp.  I never classed myself as a blues artist, but I’m one for trying new things, seeing where they lead.  Those 15 minutes, performing 3 songs, passed in a split second, it feels like a dream.  And as the rain shattered down, the semi-finals drew to a close.  I waited for the rain to stop, before I headed off to get some sleep.  And that’s when the unbelievable happened.  I parked the van, got out the car, I slipped and fell, and crack, I heard my left foot split.  I was soon to find out that I wouldn’t be able to walk for 6 weeks, and that’s when everything changes.


You might be wondering what has happened since that moment.  Firstly, we got into the finals of the competition, so we of course, had to play that, the one show we played in this period, and did not cancel.  One of 8 acts, it was a great final.  Such amazing artists selected, it was great day.  Apart from that, all shows have had to be cancelled these past 6 weeks, its’ been a case of rest and recovery.  So the result…..we didn’t win the competition, but all is well – it was an amazing couple shows, leading to an appearance at the actual Bluesfest next year.  We also rescheduled St Albans Folk festival for next year.  But here is the wonder that is the Bluesfest busking comp.


And whilst I’ve recovered, I’ve been non weight bearing.  A couple days ago, the cast got taken off, and I’m now on the road to recovery.  The x-rays show that all is healed, the metal plate and numerous screws in my left ankle are nicely fitted, and the pain is pretty much gone.  And now, with the help of a moon boot, I am able to walk.  Six weeks have passed, and it’s time to get back into things……with building back up momentum, zest for life also comes back.  With that in mind, I’m playing shows again, whilst taking a bit more time, to not rush, but instead heal.  With a bit of help from a muso friend of ours, we’re driving up the coast, and heading to play the following :

  • Brisbane City of Sounds
  • The Bohemian Bungalow in Eumundi
  • Appearances in Port Macquarie, Milton, Pomona, Mackay, Cairns, Port Douglas
  • The Riverbend tours all the way up in Cooktown

And whilst we get back into things, playing some nice select shows, it’ll be a peaceful, beautiful trip up north, headed past some beautiful spaces no doubt.  This has to be my favourite tho……Jourama Falls :


And if that wasn’t enough news, it’s time to release a new record, a half hour piece of music, ‘Stilts on the Water’.  This will be an interlude between album no.2 and 3.  A half hour release, an affordable record, inspired by these past few months of shows, it’s coming out soon folks.  And whilst all that progresses, and some new songs appear, ready for album #3, I’ll be prepping for Europe.  Time has yet again, flown by.

SO……you wonder about July…..??  I’ll be returning to Europe.  Not only will this be tour no. 5, but we’ll also be adding Italy into the mix.  With a return to some beautiful spaces, and some new appearances, we’ll be including :

  • Boyle Arts Festival – our first ever Irish festival booking
  • Ferrara Buskers – our first ever Italian festival booking, and first ever performances in Italy, this is a massive street festival over 9 days, with over 300 acts.
  • Taribush Kuna, Holland
  • Fantasia Fest, Holland
  • A big London show – Woodburner events at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden
  • A run of appearances out the front of the Tate Modern
  • Street shows through major towns in Ireland
  • Local Amsterdam and other Dutch gigs
  • And more no doubt!!

This will be the ‘Stilts on the Water’ tour, watch this space for everything tour related, tour van related, and most importantly dates.  In Europe I’ll be introducing some special guests, and I’d love to see you.  So whilst prepping my mind, my body, and my brain for these coming months, all is looking well.  If I can walk again, all must be well!!  So…..til next time, look after yourselves.  Sophie  xx


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