Another week rolls by, and Melbourne is settling into winter time. What weather we’ve been having in Australia, it’s been quite intense. NSW and QLD have been devastated by storms and crazy weather, though here in Melbourne we’ve had things a bit easier, thankfully. Of course, our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected.

And here in Melbourne, we’ve been hard at work, finishing off the new Tailor Birds 2nd album. What a job its’ been, but it’s now complete – a lush combination of electric violin, vocals, electronics, guitars, brass, drums and more, this album features some amazing musicians. I can’t believe it, but we’re now done. All final tracks, recording, mixing, mastering, and the art work, have all come together, to completion, and it is now at the replication plant, on it’s way to becoming a physical album. You guys, our wonderful fans can now finally hold this in your hands.

We’re getting the album back from print on the 7th/8th July, and getting everything ready for the release. We’re releasing the new single, Ashen, in mid July, plus the album will be available on worldwide release in mid August – physically and digitally. Alongside the release, we’re working on getting a cool new video together in support of album pre-sales, and to announce the release date.

Along with the release, comes Australia touring in Oct onwards, with album copies in tow. We’ll also be doing a European summer Tailor Birds experience tour through Holland and Ireland, with an additional couple of appearances in the UK. The time is now to release the tunes to our audiences, so even though it’s a pre-release tour, we thought we should bring some album copies over….so you lucky few, will get a pre-release copy!! Woooooooop.
This Europe tour starts in mid-July, and goes through til mid-Sept, and it’s gonna be fun. We’ll be touring 3, potentially 4 festivals through Holland – 2 of which are fantasy festivals, plus we’ll be doing some gigs at some of our favorite venues, plus a few local market shows. We’ll also be headed to Ireland, to play 6 or 7 cool little venues and more.

Tailor Birds you’ll know by now, is all about the experience, and the beauty of the music at its’ heart. We’ve been playing out at some beautiful community festivals this past year, and we’re thrilled to be headed to Europe this summer to continue onwards. The music at the core of the Tailor Birds experience is also about spreading the vibes to people who might not necessarily have access to our music, and our feeding into the tour, some market and street shows, gets the music out to people who perhaps might not hear us anywhere else. And so with the tour about to hit in about a month or so, we’ll see you soon. We’ll be jumping on a jet plane sooner than we know it. We’ll be releasing a few little weekly videos along the tour, and potentially some live streamed shows, wherever you are, you’ll be kept in the loop.

So, stay posted for all the above and more, and we’ll see you soon!! Exciting times.
Sophie xx


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