On the night of the house concert, Tailor Birds opened up an auction, with all proceeds going towards funding their upcoming European tour. There are no reserves on these very fabulous items—you could just walk away with a beautiful bargain.

Bidding is open until 30 JuneGo to the auction online.

The auction items are:

  • A Tailor Birds’ house concert of your very own
  • Violin lesson with the extraordinary Soph Kinston
  • A private violin concert to welcome a new baby
  • VIP double concert passes to a show of your choice on the European tour
  • VIP double pass to a show of your choice on the Australian tour
  • Professional development—Touring consultation (1.5 hours)
  • Professional development—Business development for emerging bands (1.5 hours)
  • Sponsorship European tour—Tailor Birds will promote your business during their 2014 European tour
  • Sponsorship Australian Tour—Tailor Birds will promote your business during the Australian tour

Why your support is such a big deal

Tailor Birds is an independent band. They have no record label or big publisher behind them, which means they’re doing it all themselves.

You really are the reason Tailor Birds can keep doing what they do. Without your help, Tailor Birds could simply not exist. Your support allows them to continue offering up their unique and special music to the world. And for that, we are eternally grateful


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