Wide Awake I See the Storm (2nd album)


Physical copy – Wide Awake I See The Storm’ is Tailor Birds’ 2nd album. The follow on from debut album, ‘Runaway Sailors, Stay at Home Wives’, the sound is more developed and provides a lush merging of electronics and acoustic sounds, experimental and classical elements, and a unique energy and vibrancy.

Written and recorded over a 2 year plus period, it was recorded in both Australia and Holland. Telling tales of love, loss, hopes, and dreams, Tailor Birds prove that anything is possible.



A truly unique album which focuses much of its sound on the violin, surrounded by a series of guest musicians from across the globe.

Thanks go to all musicians, and artists involved in the production of this album. Guest musicians :

Vincent Van Den Bogaard – guitar
Daniel Brates – drums
Sean Crowley – guitar
Steve Grant – trumpet / Wurlitzer electric piano
Rick van der Ree – electronics
Andy Ross – bass
Don Stewart – trumpet
Anthony Winnick – guitar

Main Vocals :
Sjaan Duinhoven – Lady Caroline / Candied Lady Love
Monique Kerr – Mabel / Save Your Bible Bookends
Erika Kertesz – Sailboat Dreaming
Sophie Kinston – Dancing in the Midday Sun / Candied Love / Ashen
Ben Smith – Puppet Maker
Anthony Winnick – Winters’ Fall / Marmalade Home

Production :
All tracks written & produced by Sophie Kinston.

Co-production credits and special mention go to the following :
– Tracks 5, 6, & 7 recorded & co-produced by Sean Crowley
– Tracks 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12 recorded, mixed & co-produced by Rick van der Ree
– Tracks 1 & 8 recorded & mixed by Anthony Winnick

Additional tracking was recorded by Steve Grant, Frank Shaw, various rehearsal rooms through Melbourne, and at Anne’s country home.
Final mixing and all mastering by Ando Van Andony
Album artwork by Shae Rooke


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