Stilts on the Water, the lullaby



‘Stilts on the Water’ is the latest offering from world folk act, Tailor Birds.  The music is all about shifting positive energy to others, inspiring and connecting people to something good, in a world that is constantly changing.  After the release of album 2, ‘Stilts on the Water’ is an interlude, a lullaby, a sound that links past albums, and shines a light on the Tailor Birds future.

‘Stilts on the Water’, music to fall asleep to, and to wake up rejuvenated, it also features the full-length version of ‘White Feather’, written at a time of chaos, of upheaval, a time when many people were struggling, but at a time of positive change.  Any purchase comes with seeded paper, holding the new single, White Feather.

If you prefer a digital copy, you can either pick up one of the postcards from our shop page, with download code on the back……or alternatively, simply head to one of the many digital music sights, namely Bandcamp, iTunes & Spotify.



‘Stilts on the Water’ was recorded in a few studios, a few key places of inspiration :

  • Created in Studio Orvelte with Paul G. Gräffner, in the beautiful dutch forest near in northern Holland.
  • Flutes recorded in London, UK.
  • Completed in Tewantin, Queensland, Australia, at the As You Are music studio (

Sophie Kinston the force behind the Tailor Birds sound, she plays both electric violin and vocals on this record.  Using a Bridge electric violin, she works with numerous BOSS pedals, plus a new homemade analogue delay pedal amongst other toys.  This record also features the following musicians :

  • Jerome d’Odeurs – piano
  • Paya Lehane – flutes
  • Rodger Bradshaw – percussion
  • Charly Bradshaw – ‘Hush little baby’ harmony vocals

Written, produced & mixed – Sophie Kinston
Final mixing & mastering – Ando Van Andony

Writing & recording inspiration – Jerome d’Odeurs, Paul G. Gräffner, & Charly Bradshaw.

Album design – Hussam Eissaa

The album art features the work of Victor Toapanta Salazar, an inspirational artist, who I met whilst I was on tour in Ireland.  Victor, born in Ecuador, has been based in Dublin, Ireland since 1999.  (


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