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Our Charity

Our Charity

Our Charity Work

Alongside our music touring and recording work, Sophie also works on a number of other projects to keeps us inspired.

This particular page focuses on our charity work, that we’re slowly starting to build into something that works longterm.  When touring, we’re helped by so many.  So many people open their homes to us, feed us, give us a bed, internet, a shower, toilet and more.  I book all the shows myself, but I’m helped in so many smaller ways, that this small help, is actually a huge help, that is vital to being able to continue.  It means more than anything else could, and it’s now time to pay back this help, as we continue on.  Whilst we tour, we get paid for gigs, but we also get tips from people.  These finances are out of the payment system, and so the money should go to somewhere meaningful.

The idea is still in formation phase, but ideally we want to create a base in both Europe and Australia, a place that is the headquarters for Tailor Birds and this bigger project, Moments of Kindness, moving forward.  A place where :

  • people can come and be fed
  • people can have an open stage to perform, run a 
  • a roof over your head if you need

Ideally these headquarters for Tailor Birds, will be a place where we can set up a work office space, record music, stay open to opportunities such as funding a new label, potentially even a live music venue.  But we need the funds to make this happen.  You can see here, how much we’ve raised – the money keeps getting added, so you can check back here at anytime, to see where we’re at :

We’re also looking at funding others such as some smaller communities with instruments, and access to water.
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    Our Charity

    $3,079.07 Current Donated Funds

Below is a map of where we’ve toured.

We want to hear from you

If you’re interested in helping support this project, Moments of Kindness, in forms of finances, running marketing, sponsorship search, perhaps getting your foot in the door for our charity work, please message us here.  I’d love to hear from you.  Things are still in the early days, so in terms of what we’ll be doing is still to be determined, but that we WILL do something, is for sure.

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