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Midi Sprout Work

Midi Sprout Work

Midi Sprout Work

Alongside the work of Tailor Birds, that includes touring internationally, & writing and recording our original music, we also work on a number of other projects to keep ourselves and others inspired.

This particular page focuses on our work with plants, plants that make music that is!!  We’ve started working with the folks at Data Garden who have produced this amazing contraption, the midi-sprout.  This piece of equipment turns the electrical energy of a plant or human being into midi notes, which then turn into musical sounds.  It’s unbelievable until you see and hear it……but here’s a glimpse into the work.

Plants we've recorded

  • Bonsai Pine
  • Banana Tree
Plants sounds you can buy from us :

Banana tree (soon to come)

You can watch the videos here :

a Bonsai pine in far North Queensland

We want to hear from you

All filmed whilst touring, in people houses or gardens, and the land we visit, you can even buy this music, or have the midi sprout in your home or event……..just contact Sophie for midi sprout requests, sound requests and more.

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