A few weeks in, and I’ve been asked to play Landjuweel, a wonderful festival in Ruigoord, just outside of Amsterdam. I’m still quite amazed, and blown away to be honest, to have been asked to play.

For those who don’t know, I’m doing this tour mostly solo, playing a lot of new material that is also currently being recorded for the 2nd album. With electric violin, vocal harmonies, foley items (bubbled water, paper sounds, marbles etc.)…….it’s been quite amazing so far, seeing the response from everyone at our shows. Really nice to strip the sound back to its’ core.

Some very cool people helped link Landjuweel up, so i’m hugely grateful!! And so yes, final stop in Holland for this part of the tour, I’ll be playing at the At Worlds End stage at the Landjuweel fest at 2pm this Thurs 30th July, and cannot wait, before I take the winding road over to the UK!!

And to close this little news section, here is tour diaries #2.


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