Hey everybody, how are you all? It’s already July, and the year seems to have gone by in a second. Quite unbelievable, but all’s well, and finally some time to post some news here. On the road full time for nearly 2 years, with tours through Australia and Europe each year, things are well, and here we are, back in Europe for a 6th tour. When I try and put everything that happens whilst on the road into words, the ups and downs, the challenges and the achievements, it’s difficult. It’s more about landmark events, created over time, the bigger picture.

AND SO WE HAVE NEW MUSIC – ‘Stilts on the Water’
Released in Feb 2018, a concept record, this is music to fall asleep to and wake up rejuvenated. We had a positive response from everyone who purchased a copy, and from Australian radio stations. And it’s out folks!!!!!!!! You can get a copy here from our shop page, or from online mediums – iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp, the list goes on…..plus you can get a copy directly from us at our shows.



With the experience of recording over 10 records as Tailor Birds, but also for other artists over the years, and with some wonderful advice, we now have a system and the ability to record whilst on the road. And this year we’ve not just finished ‘Stilts on the Water’, but also another record, ‘Where will we go to break free from the Crows’. With this system, its’ been amazing to see the work transform into something quite beautiful. Using studios for the initial work, I then set up makeshift studios throughout Australia, whilst then recording the final instruments remotely. And so the one key element that needs to be in place when recording, is that the place we record, is inspirational, and then anything is possible.

My huge thanks to Anji, a great friend of ours, for opening her home, and giving us the space to record the majority of the key string parts. We could not have made the latest record, ‘Where will we go to break free from the Crows’, without this beautiful space.

Looking back over the year, touring has been going well. We’ve headed through VIC, NSW,& QLD, through Melbourne, Sydney, Maitland, Kiama, Bellingen, Cleveland, Kuraby, Noosa, Nimbin, Milton, Brisbane, The Channon, Oran Park, St Albans, Mackay, Middlemount, Townsville, Bingil Bay, Innisfail, Port Douglas, Cairns, Cardwell, Cooktown, and numerous other places, it’s been a whirlwind of a time. And now, here we are, on Europe tour no.6. How did that happen, time just passed as if in a blink. With shows from mid-June – early Oct, we’ll hopefully see you at a show or 2. And the question is, where will we be…..?
With shows mostly through Holland, UK, Ireland, and Italy, there’s a few key areas. One of them, being the great Ferrara Buskers, a huge 10 day world street festival, this year we’ve been lucky enough to be an invited act, one of just 20. And so here’s some of the key shows and areas of where we’ll be playing through the next few months. Having already played Arts Carnivale, Jetlag Fest, the Oord Festival, and some lush gigs through the UK and Holland so far, the tour is now in full swing, and this weekend we play Taribush Kuna. So keep checking back on our website tour dates, plus our Instagram and Facebook, as we consistantly update and announce gigs through these platforms.
  • 26th – 29th July : Taribush Kuna, Dwingeloo
  • 30th July : Drovers Dog, Amsterdam
  • 2nd Aug : Skek, Amsterdam
  • 5th Aug : Westerpark Sunday Market, Amsterdam
  • 11th Aug : Mobile Blues Club, Hamburg, Germany
  • 12th Aug : Hafen 2, Offenbach, Germany
  • 17th – 26th Aug : Ferrara Buskers (invited act – one of 20)
  • 9th Sept : Hacketts Bar, Schull, Ireland
  • 15th Sept : Ravensdale Country Market, Ravensdale, Ireland
  • 20th Sept : The Spirit Store, Dundalk, Ireland
  • 24th Sept : The Circle Sessions, International Bar, Dublin
  • 27th Sept : The Cobblestone, Dublin
So spread the word, and we’ll see you at a show near you. Keep checking back on our Instagram, plus our Facebook, as we announce on Monday / Tuesday, where we’ll be that week, whilst also updating with lots of backstage little treats, plus live streamed shows, and who knows what else…….so even if you’re in Australia, you can still follow us.

And so, we leave you with all good wishes, wherever you are in this beautiful world of ours, Soph.


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