Well happy new year everybody.  Hope you made it through 2018, relatively unscathed.  What a year, and it’s now almost February, how does time go by just like that.  Last year was full.  With over 140 shows through Australia & Europe, we also produced & released two Tailor Birds records.  With ‘Stilts on the Water’ in Feb, and ‘Where will we go to break free from the Crows’  in Oct, both had a great response.  Despite the fact that cds are slowly on the way out, particularly in a world that is shifting to online digital streaming services, rather than cd sales, it’s great to see that people still buy them.  And so my huge thanks go to everyone who has picked up a copy of these new records, plus to some amazing radio support we’ve had throughout Australia,& to the reviews in various magazines, incl. Rhythms mag.

AND SO…….here’s the 2 reviews from Rhythms mag, if you feel like a bit of a look……hear the magazine’s take on our music……..thanks guys!!!!!!!!!


These days, our radio airplay and songwriting happens in Australia, combined with a lot of our shows happening in Europe.  For last years’ 6th European tour, I headed through Holland, Italy, Germany, the UK, and Ireland, playing street shows, markets, gigs, festivals……the highlight was for sure, Ferrara Buskers.  Performing as a duo, with Jerome (from Holland) on guitar, we were there as an accredited act in 2017, however this last year, we were lucky enough to be an invited act.

What a treat, one of 20 acts from all over the world, Dublin was the guest city, and so it felt fitting that we’d be a feature act there this year.  It was extremely hard work, but heaps of fun, and so rewarding, and I’d do it again in a second.  With 11 days of shows through both Ferrara and Buskers on Tour through Mantova, Comacchio & Lugo, we’d have fans return to show after show.  People who saw us in 2017 came to see us again, and this year, a lady who saw us at our Mantova gig, then came back a few days later, to our Friday night gig in Ferrara, only to pick up 3 records that night.  Each day we’d play shows, from 9.30pm – midnight, with additional shows from 6 – 7.30pm.  And on the days I didn’t play a second show, I’d jump up to play for other acts, or even get called in to do an additional show, when another act couldn’t play, due to the heat and such.

It’s all about saying “YES”, and good things come.

You’d have fans who were drawn to specific acts, people would sit and listen for hours, day after day to the music they’d love.  We may not yet have thousands of people coming to a show, but the people who do come, really listened, and you felt were rejuvenated from the music.  It’s quite a thing to experience.  Both as a listener and as an act.  You make impact somehow without knowing what you’re capable of, and then you see it right in front of your eyes.

My sincere thanks to everyone involved in Ferrara Buskers.  To Roberta and Stefano, the organisers, and to all the rest of the organisation, volunteers etc.  Our huge thanks for all the fans, all the volunteers, all the people who came to the festival, and to help us out, wow, thank you guys.

And what great hospitality – we were given a hotel room, with no additional costs (which is massive for an independent touring act) – with food, breakfast, lunch, dinner, an excess of wine on the tables each time we’d sit down to eat, with a stream of deserts that looked like they could be a Michelangelo painting, they gave us a space that we could be calm, to then produce our best work.

And to be alongside so many great acts, for a longer period of time, rather than just a few days at most festivals, this one allowed us to develop relationships, unique bonds, building potential long-term connections – namely Native Young from Africa, Mombe, a summer touring act from all over Europe, and the Gin Bowlers from Bristol, UK, the various Irish acts we fell in love with, and many more…..after all the hard work over the years, what a place to end up.


On another note, our van build has reached nearly 1.2 million views.  With a few thousand views adding to that number each day, we could quite possibly, hit 2 million by the end of the year.  Wow, unbelievable right, I hear you say.  I don’t quite believe it myself, but it’s true.  It’s time to make another few videos I think.  So stay posted on all this, via our youtube channel : http://www.youtube.com/TailorBirdsMusic

And so I now look to this year  – what and how to do it all, we’ve gotta figure out the steps moving forward.  More on that another time.  But the challenge now to move forward…..it has always had one constant – how can I be inspired to want to continue to make work, releasing material, keep on with this journey.  I always look to reinvention.

And with a few major happenings towards the end of 2018 and the start of 2019 – ADM, one of the last free spaces in Holland, was evicted & destroyed, and with a series of people I know, passing away from various forms of illnesses, these two intensities have left me wondering how to move forward.  Well more online news, a fully updated website, a heap new videos, more touring, more recording, the list goes on, but what’s for sure, the future is bright!!  And so to finish off, here’s. a few of our latest instagram posts, to enjoy!!  Stay safe folks, and we’ll post back in a month or 2 with some more news!!


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