I can’t quite believe it’s been a whole 3 months since our last news post……gosh, how does time go by so fast.  With lots of goings on, to keep up our news here, well, that took a backseat…..but all is well, everyone, we’re moving along.  And finally, here we are, a news post!!

The last time we spoke, I’d arrived in Europe, in beautiful Amsterdam.  We’d just played Taribush Kuna fest, & the De Bazaar market, and were headed to a house concert type show, & Fantasia Fest in Roden.  The start of our 4th European tour, with the new album in tow, our seeded paper with music clips on, and beers from our dutch brewer, Brouwerij Klein Duimpje in Hillegom, all was good.

And I’m now back in Australia, and looking back on the tour, what an amazing 2 months.  It feels like all the hard work’s paying off.  An act that’s slightly different from the mainstream music that we’re used to hearing, we’re building something special.  It’s great to know that Tailor Birds has a key space, that’s being carved out in a very organic way.  And the shows reflected that.  With 31 shows through Holland, Ireland, the UK, and Germany, we played various festivals, each quite amazing in their own ways.  From the music, the beauty of the land, the people, and the type of festival they were, and more.  Taribush Kuna has supported Tailor Birds from the start, and were honored to be able to return there.  We also played Landjuweel for a 2nd time, a festival you could describe as having real grit, it’s one of my favorites.  We then did fantasy festivals, Fantasia Fest and Castlefest.  There we drank mead for the first time, a medieval drink made from honey and water via fermentation with yeast.  Quite a drink!!
Here’s a little image from our time at Castlefest…..from the side of stage :

Combining our festival shows, with some shows on a boat or 2, namely the Azart Ship of Fools, a ship that had amazing reverberations, with steel walls, the sound was energized, plus the Haven Safari boat, where out on the water we played amongst the boats on the dutch rivers, just a week before our return to Oz.  And here you go……here it is :

We also went over play a London show (one of our best yet) Woodburner, and Germany’s Hafen 2 in Offenbach near Frankfurt, and Ireland of course.  Each with their own vibe that I love, Ireland is particularly amazing.  A beautiful place, the people are so warm and open.  With gigs, markets, a Circle Sessions in Dublin, we of course played some street shows allowing us to give a bit of an alternative sound to the streets of Ireland.
And looking back over the tour, my heart is warmed.  Being the 4th tour, we’ve started a bit of a roll.  Plus we were able to bring along a couple of drummers for our UK and Ireland shows, bring up a couple of guest musos from other bands we met, to various shows and festivals, and most importantly, spend more time with some of our favorite people.

I’m now back in Melbourne, and the Oz summer’s coming.  With our new guitarist Constantine Stefanou in tow, we’re getting ready for some Oz shows to finish the year.  With some festival bookings – Alma’s Hem (South Australia) in Nov, and FRL (VIC) in Dec., we’re also doing a special climbing wall show inside the actual building over 3 dates in Nov helping to launch the new album, ‘Wide Awake I See The Storm’, here’s the details : Climbing wall show details

So with all that, plus a Sofar Sounds gig, a Bar Oussou show, and some additional market gigs, plus a return to Sydney’s Mr Falcons, check out the website tour dates, for all info : http://www.tailorbirdsmusic.com/tour-dates/
And with numerous bits of news, stay posted peeps, as the Tailor Birds world is looking bright, we’ve some big news coming up soon.  More info on the climbing wall show, plus the 2017 news, check back soon, as it’s all coming for ya!!


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