Holland, UK, Ireland, Italy, and further afield
June 21, 2018
Venue: Europe tour 2018!! (18th June - 6th Oct)

THIS IS HAPPENING PEOPLE!!  Yes, we’re headed over to Europe for tour no.6, in as many years, releasing the new record, ‘Stilts on the Water’, alongside 2nd album, ‘Wide Awake I See The Storm’.  With the new music, new visuals, new shows, this will be the tour to watch.

Where will we be??  We’ll be headed through Holland, Italy, Ireland, UK, and further afield, with some extra appearances through Paris and Geneva, and more.  We’ll be playing some big street shows, festivals, and some lush smaller gigs, to cater to all our beautiful audiences.  Dates will be up in the coming months, so stay tuned.

And please email us on tailorbirdsmusic@gmail.com for any bookings, promo, requests, or anything.  and we’ll see you soon!!  All my love, Sophie.  xx