September 7, 2018
Venue: Ennis Farmers' Market

We’re thrilled to be playing the Ennis farmers’ market, a beautiful local market in Ireland this Sept, for this year’s European summer tour.  We’ve been touring through Ireland for the past few years within our summer touring schedule, and this year is slightly different as we’ll be in the country for a full month this time, instead of 10 days, and so allowing us to play a huge range of shows, up and down the country……gigs, street shows, markets, and more.

We’ll be playing a lush 11am – 1pm, a 2 hour morning market show, so come down if you’re in the area.

Touring Australia full time these days, we’re now over in Europe for tour no.6, in as many years, releasing the new record, ‘Stilts on the Water’, alongside 2nd album, ‘Wide Awake I See The Storm’.  We’re also bringing over new pre-release copies of record, ‘Where will we go to break free from the Crows’, a record that showcases and features new versions of older tunes, and some new ones.

With a run of festivals, gigs, markets, pop-up street shows, and a few other surprises along the way, we’ll be touring both solo shows and larger band gigs, through Holland, Italy, Ireland, UK, and further afield, with some extra appearances through Paris and Geneva, and more.  Tailor Birds is live looping, foley art, music for the soul, world folk, music at its’ most raw.  Telling tales of love, loss, hopes and dreams, we’ll  be showcasing some newer tracks featured on our next album, album no. 3.

N.B.  With this being a big 3 month tour, we have gigs, heaps of backstage footage, and various photos and pics added all the time.  So please keep checking back on our social media – facebook, instagram, and this website.