October 13, 2017
Venue: ADM 20th Birthday Festival

The ‘Stilts on the Water’ tour is coming to Europe this summer for a run of shows through Holland, Ireland, Italy and the UK.

This being their 5th European tour, Sophie Kinston, front woman, electric violinist and creative force behind the Tailor Birds sound is returning to Europe with a run of festivals, gigs, spoken word events, and unique street shows. Launching the pre-release of new record, White Feather, this tour will feature some special local guests along the way.

And with this one final gig of the tour, this will be a great final show, playing ADM’s 20th Birthday festival, one of the last open free spaces in Amsterdam, that is constantly at risk of being closed.  But we will celebrate in style!!  The festival runs from the 12th – 14th Oct, on each day, given smooth running, festival times are :

  • Thurs – 8 pm – 1 am
  • Fri – 5 pm – 4 am
  • Sat – 1 pm – 5 am

We’ll be playing a bit of a special show with Iris Woutera’s dance pieces, in the theatre, similar to what we did at the Landjuweel parade, on the Friday 13th Oct, at 9.15pm.  And our main Tailor Birds shows will be in the Jungle Tropics Area, on the 13th and 14th, at the following times :

  • Fri 13th – 12.30am
  • Sat 14th – 5pm

See you there!!