In a couple weeks we’re headed to Europe to do our Winters’ Fall Summer tour – The Summer of Pop-Ups, and we have dates for you!!  We’ll be bringing our new single, Winters’ Fall, and so I’m sure you’ll want to know where we’re playing??  We’ll be doing a select amount of shows, our favourite few, incl. :

  • Taribush Kuna festival, Dwingeloo, Holland – 9th – 12th July
  • Limerick Milk Market, Limerick, Ireland – 16th August
  • Konzerte Langstars, Zurich, Switzerland – 27th August
  • Dokhuis, Amsterdam, Holland – 17th Sept

Taribush Kuna will also include some music workshops each afternoon – Silver Beat Recordings –

Blogging along the way, doing some little video clips and with a few more shows to be booked in, we thought we’d tell you rough dates of where we’ll be each week, to help start you off :

  • 3rd – 25th July – Holland
  • 25th July – 17th Aug – UK / Ireland
  • 17th – 28th Aug – Switzerland
  • 28th Aug – 9th/10th Sept – UK
  • 10th Sept – 23rd Sept – Holland

Really looking forward to seeing you somewhere along the road.  You can even book us in for a Europe house visit, and go to to see Tailor Birds behind the scenes.  See you all soon!!


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