Well what a year it’s been, we’re on the cusp of posting some thrilling news, whilst also updating the website with new elements, but for now, we thought we’d keep things simple, and just say Merry Christmas!! Hope you’re all well, and wrapping up the year with at least a moment to reflect or take a few hours break from all the craziness that life generally tends to bring.

Since we got back from Europe, here in the Tailor Birds camp, we’ve been hard at work, playing some beautiful community festivals and shows through South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria in the past month or so, launching the new album, ‘Wide Awake I See The Storm’. Slightly different to our European shows, we kept things slightly unique here in Oz, with more alternative shows in a climbing wall, and placing ourselves in some of the main hotspots, market gigs, and some of our favourite venues.

The climbing wall looked a bit like this, inside and outside …… :
Climbing wallClimbing wall inside pic 2
And with various shows complete, we’re taking a few weeks off, to chill and reflect, start up some lists, and plan out in a bit more detail for how 2017 is looking.  In early January, it’s all to come, good people, the news will be completely accessible to you, wherever in the world you may be, so hang tight, please!!  And until then, with the new year steadily approaching, we’ve a couple gigs left for the year :

• South Melbourne Markets – Saturday 24th December, 10am
• Ceres Environmental Park – Saturday 31st December, 10.30am

So if you’re looking to do pretty much nothing but drink coffee and chill, come down to either one or both of these shows, and we’ll help you end the year, and break in the new one, with some chilled violin sounds to waft over you, bringing you a bit of goodness. Who knows, I might try bring in a few guests to the Ceres show, we’ll see. Getting up that early is not for the faint hearted, that’s for sure!!

And last but not least, we did a radio interview with ABC the other day, on the Drawing Room, Radio National, quite a big thing…….you can hear it here…… :
It also features our friends, Spix Macaw. Anyone in Holland may well know these boys……great guys, we met last summer, I’ve heard that they may just be recording a new ep early next year. Plus, they may well join us for a show or 2, in next summer’s European tour.

And if ABC wasn’t enough goodness, we had a lush album review from the guys at Rhythms Magazine, Australia’s Roots Music Mag, and Michael Smtih for the review of course….check it out people.

FullSizeRenderAnd so…..til next year, look after yourselves, and we’ll see you in the new year…..with a few changes and developments.  So see you then, good people!!  Sophie  xx


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