As I sit here in the beautiful countryside, just outside of Sydney, I can’t believe how time has flown by so fast, it’s already July.  Last time news item, it was the end of May, and I was recovering from a broken ankle.  What a period that was.  Desperately trying to regain my strength, getting over this massive injury, I was determined to get back into things.  Whilst maintaining balanced recovery, you’ve gotta keep going, otherwise you just stand still.  It’s a case of making small actions, small steps, and with each little progression, things get better.

I must have done over 50 shows since mid Feb, having travelled as far north, as Cooktown.  Despite the challenges that have been thrown my way…’s all steps within the bigger picture.  With just a few days now to go, before I hit the road again, I’ve a short amount of time of quiet out in the country.  And in this moment, I am hit with some sad news – a dear friend of mine passed away a couple days ago.  A great musician, and great human, he played for Tailor Birds for a few special shows.  He also recorded on the latest album, and I’m forever grateful for him – the music we played, the beers we drank, the chats we had, and as I look back on this time that I knew him, as I’m now starting to walk again, I have to move forward, there’s no other choice.  And this is where the ‘Stilts on the Water’ tour begins…..


With just a moment to breath and remember my dear friend, the ‘Stilts on the Water’ tour is launching through Europe, tour #5.  Heading through Holland, Ireland, Italy, and the UK, we’ll be playing our first ever Irish Festival,the Boyle Arts Fest, and our first ever appearance in Italy, Ferrara Buskers, a 10 day street festival.  With some new venues and festivals, we’ll of course also be playing some old favourites incl. Taribush Kuna, Fantasia Fest, Amsterdam’s Dokhuis, Woodburner at London’s Dalston Eastern Curve Gardens, plus a run of shows outside London’s Tate Modern, and a run of street shows through Ireland.  This and more, dates will be added as we go, as no doubt this tour like all the others, brings the unexpected.  After touring for the past few months through Oz, with all the ups and downs, I’m pretty excited for this one….new venues, new band, new music, new sound, it’s set to be a great summer!!

So….check out our tour dates people….I’ll be joined by a few special guests, Jerome, our dutch pianist for our Dutch festivals and gigs, Bob Glynn, our drummer for the Boyle Arts Fest, and some other guests no doubt throughout these next few months.  Plus…..we’ve got some new promo shots & possibly some radio happening, this is all in aid of promoting the new record, and new developed sound that is ‘White Feather’.  Please keep checking back on both our website tour dates page, but also on Bandsintown and our social media Facebook & Instragram for all additional shows.

So, the ‘Stilts on the Water’ tour begins in a matter of days….please look after yourselves folks, as life is short, so go for your dreams, shoot for the stars, but remember to never fear to fall back into your loved ones arms.  Sophie  xx


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