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Plant music series 1

I've been working with the Plant Wave over the past year or so, a contraption that reads the electrical energetic currents of any living being, plant, even food items, and turns them into music.
Here are the direct recordings of the basil, tomato and peppermint plants. There has been no treatment of the sound, change of notation, or additional instruments added, this is the pure and true sounds of the attached plant.

Where will we go to break free from the Crows

‘Where will we go to break free from the Crows’ is a fresh take on tracks from our past releases, but it also features new material, and a glimpse into a new way of working. This music is a fresh insight into our work, a musical energy that is all about shifting positive energy, healing many, and a moment to breath in amongst the chaos of the world at this time. 6 massive tunes, we hope you’ll enjoy.

Stilts on the Water

Here it is, ‘Stilts on the Water’, music to fall asleep to, and to wake up rejuvenated. After album no.2, ‘Wide Awake I see the Storm’, we wanted to release an interlude, a lullaby, something that would link past albums, and shine a light on Tailor Birds’ future, and here it is!! Stilts also features the full-length version of ‘White Feather’.

Wide Awake I See the Storm

2nd album, ‘Wide Awake I See The Storm’ is the perfect follow on from debut album ‘Runaway Sailors, Stay at Home Wives’. A crossover of electronic, experimental and classical sounds, this album focuses much more on songwriting, telling tales of love, loss, hopes, dreams, and that anything is possible.

Live at Club Zonnemaire by Tailor Birds

Special release live ep on wooden usb. 7 track album. Also available as digital download.

Runaway Sailors, Stay At Home Wives

Debut album, ‘Runaway Sailors, Stay at Home Wives’. Released in March 2013, this is a crossover of electronic, experimental and classical sounds, moving between instrumental tracks, and beautiful ballads. 12 track album. Also available as digital download.


White Feather by Tailor Birds

‘White Feather’, our new single, released on 10th Feb ’18, in support of the new record, ‘Stilts on the Water’.
Written at a time of chaos, of upheaval, a time when many people were struggling, but at a time of positive change. The Tailor Birds journey inspires and connects people to something good, in a world that is constantly changing, we hope you’ll enjoy our latest offering.

Winters’ Fall by Tailor Birds

Winters’ Fall, is Tailor Birds’ latest single, released on Oct 26th ’15.
Giving you something fresh, a lullaby and a song to warm your heart, this single represents a beautiful moment in time. If you blink you’ll miss it.

Ashen by Tailor Birds

Ashen, the 2nd single release off Tailor Birds’ highly anticipated follow up 2nd album, ‘Wide Awake I See The Storm’, is the perfect continuation on from Winters’ Fall.
After the debut album release in 2013, the live ep in 2015, and single, Winters’ Fall in late 2015, we hope you’ll enjoy this new single. Rich in lyrics, vibe and energy, a backdrop of sound is created from a combination of strings, vocals, percussion and more, with the story at the heart of the music.

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