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About Us

About Us

Tailor Birds is Sophie Kinston, electronic violinist.  Described by many as mesmerising and the future of folk music, this is music that soothes the soul, warms the spirit, and ignites your passion.  Currently touring internationally through Australia and Europe, this is world folk at its’ finest, music at its’ most raw, a sound like no other.

A sound that is all about the vibe and positive energy, building an audience that is as diverse as much as it is one, you could say that Sophie is a travelling troubadour.  She believes that music should not just be about playing one gig after another with just the music making impact, but is also about connecting people to something good again, in a world that is constantly changing.

Since forming in 2012, with 5 records to her name, Tailor Birds has gone from strength to strength, now living on the road full time.

Tailor Birds promotes her work in a grassroots fashion, inspiring others, one step at a time.  Ever changing and challenging herself with new energies, in 2017 she packed up her house, ended her lease and moved to living on the road.  Purchasing a Toyota Hiace Commuter, she turned it into a mobile home and pop-up music venue for all Australian work, whilst also heading to Europe each summer.  However whilst in Byron Bay a couple years ago, she slipped and broke her ankle. With 9 screws and a metal plate inserted into her left ankle, unable to walk or bear weight for 6 weeks, Sophie was able to step out with a new outlook, and with greater meaning to her work.  Always conscious that any gig can be the last gig, each show has huge value, and this is relayed within her stories and passion for her work.

Many ask Sophie what inspires the music…..and it’s simple – the people. Inspired by the people she meets, and the stories she hears, whilst on the road, this music is about the hopes and dreams of us all. “Being a band is not the thing I think abou, as bands come and go. But the thing that sticks, is the music, the energy, the passion, and most importantly the artistry. Baring your soul I guess.”

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Musicians and Artists We’ve Worked With

Sophie Kinston, the force and creator behind Tailor Birds, tours internationally, with a lot of the work solo, but also bringing in some amazing musicians dependent on where she tours, for recording and touring purposes.  Here’s a little look at who these musicians are :

1 Benedict

Benedict Clark

percussion, UK
2 Paya

Paya Lehane

flutes, London
piano, guitar, Holland

Jerome d’Odeurs

piano, guitar, Holland

Vincent Kuyvenhoven

percussion, Holland

Bob Glynn

cajon, Ireland

Daniel Brates

percussion, Australia

Andy Ross

double bass, Australia
8 Anthony

Anthony Winnick

guitar, vocals, Australia

Monique Kerr

vocals, foley, Australia
10 Cato

Cato Fluitsma

accordian, vocals, Holland
11 Erika

Erika Kertesz

vocals, Hungary

Rick van der Ree

electronics, production, Holland
13 Rodger

Rodger Bradshaw

percussion, Australia

Sean Crowley

guitars, Australia
15 Remko

Remko Adema

clarinet, Holland

What else do we do


Plant work :

Alongside our music, we also have started working with plants, via the amazing midi-sprout.


Calming relaxation work :

Touring through some amazing spots through Australia, this calming relaxation work, allows the viewers from anywhere in the world, to see these amazing spots. A project that was started a few months ago, the videos will start to feature on our Youtube channel, over the coming months.


Van conversion :

Presenting Hatch, the Toyota Hiace Commuter, Sophie’s mobile home for Australia, which she built herself, you can even see the full conversion from van to home. This conversion has nearly 1.5 million views on Youtube, quite amazing!!

We want to hear from you

We always love to hear from our fans, and people who are intrigued by the work we do, you could say.  Perhaps you’ve a van build question, you’ve a plant you want us to record, perhaps an event you want the midi sprout to be at, or perhaps you’d like us to come play a show near you.

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