I’m sitting on the train, headed to Birmingham…….i’m off to do our one show in the UK, at the Australian bar, The Walkabout. It’s a chain of Australian bars, and also houses the Free Love Club, every Sunday. After playing a number of shows in the UK over the past couple of years, anyone who has been to England, will know that it’s an expensive country to tour. There’s literally millions that live in London alone. However, a friend of mine, who coincidentally we met last year in Birmingham when touring the UK, and who also drove me through Ireland this year, runs the Free Love Club. So that and it being an Australian bar, are 2 wonderful reasons to play this show.

And so this year, i’ve reduced my touring to only a few countries that really fit the Tailor Birds energy – stepping back, doing more promotional work – video, pics, live footage, our tour diaries, and getting together edited film, amongst other things. I’m playing in places where people respond the most to our sound, and it seems to be working!! I’ve also been doing these shows totally solo. Reducing the touring party to just 2 at times, it simplifies the whole organisation, allowing for the musical essence to shine through.

So yes, just over 2 months into our Europe period of time, all is well. We’ve run our sound recording sessions, started up recording the electronic tracks off our 2nd album, and have played numerous shows – festivals and copper sculptures, cafe gigs, some little bars, the streets of Ireland, including during the Rose of Tralee festival, some songwriting sessions, and all of these have been quite amazing. We’ve done all of these solo – electric violin, with live looping, vocal harmonies, foley art, giving our audiences something they’ve perhaps never seen before – creating our songs in front of their eyes, it’s safe to say the tour so far has been a success.

Alongside these shows, we’ve met some wonderful people – bubble blowers, Colombian ska bands, forest cleaners, fire breathers / blowers, local musos, some australians travelling through, and even fellow aussie bands we never expected to see over in Europe.

So yes all is well.

We are now, just a couple more days in London, before we head back to Amsterdam, where we’ll be continuing recording of our 2nd album, plus playing a few shows in Amsterdam (Dokhuis – arts venue), and the Drovers Dog (Austrlian cafe), plus a couple of bits in Eindhoven. So 2 more weeks in Europe, and then the long plane ride home!!

Here’s our latest tour diary!


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